Ayurvedic Roots Blog Series - Naina Ayurveda


In this blog series, I'll be interviewing practitioners from all walks of life doing incredible work in the holistic wellness space who have a particular interest or specialism in Ayurveda.

I'll be featuring women and men from all kinds of backgrounds who are doing amazing things in the holistic wellness space; individual life is after all part of universal life.

Ayurveda teaches us that we are all made up of the same atoms and energy and that we are connected to everyone we meet. Amala Pure Health helps to guide and support on the main principles of this ancient Indian art to ultimately, lead a healthier, happier lifestyle.

In the first of the series, we interviewed Naina Ayurveda, a fellow pharmacist who has a unique set of skills as she's a yoga teacher and Ayurvedic Practitioner. She enlightens us with her perspective on the link between the mind, body and soul and ayurvedic teachings.


Tell us about your journey on discovering where you are today.

  • My journey began back in 2010 when I began to work as a locum pharmacist. I had three key strands of my life that were shifting at the time. For me, these times of shift are essentially a form of suffering, something which I now appreciate more and more! Firstly I was not finding meaning in my work as a pharmacist and began to see the pitfalls of the allopathic health system. Secondly, I had quite a turbulent relationship - where I found myself being very emotionally reactive. And thirdly, I was suffering from health issues such as chronic backache, IBS, hormonal issues and skin disorders. At this time, it felt like they were all separate, but my searching to find out what was going on eventually led me towards alternative models of health. After learning about nutrition and mindfulness in depth, my life began to change. I began a practice of meditation and yoga daily and found such benefits to this that I ended up training to be a yoga teacher. Amongst this, I ended my relationship and took a leap out of pharmacy in pursuit to seek more. I eventually came across the science of Ayurveda, which for me, encompassed all of the principles of several models of holistic health systems. I finally understood the link between the mind, the body and the soul and Ayurveda helped me to understand this. I began a diploma in this science and since then the rest has been a constant experience of growth.

How did you start to implement Ayurveda teachings into your life?

  • I began taking ayurvedic herbs as well as practicing a daily routine of yoga. This all simply brought me more awareness. And this word I think is key. Only we can understand truly what is happening in our body. And Ayurveda provides us with the tools and knowledge to be able to cultivate awareness of ourselves so that we can then become more empowered in what we choose to do. Now I am practicing as an ayurvedic practitioner, and I still feel humbled to this great science as it feels like a constant learning progression and journey. The science has enabled me to live my life with empowerment and confidence, which is something so necessary in this high-pressured society where we can be so easily influenced.

 “Ayurveda is a science that brings us back to the truth."

What does Ayurveda mean to you?

  • I feel that many of us live our life asleep and simply follow the norms of life that have been repeated generation after generation. The pattern of ‘normal’ has become distorted due to historical influences as well as economically. This has ultimately pulled us further and further away from nature. We are disconnected from many processes in pursuit of convenience. This has slowly begun to be realised as health begins to deteriorate, crime levels increase and we destroy our own environment. Ayurveda is a science that brings us back to the truth. We ourselves are the truth, and so coming back to ourselves can only bring us closer to realising that life is about experiencing joy and happiness, taking care of our body and living a life with meaning. Ayurveda provides us with the knowledge and tools to take us further to truth. It re-connects us back to ourselves, bringing more transformation and awareness into our lives. This ultimately brings us health.

What are your top 3 top tips to achieve a more balanced day?

My top 3 tips to achieve a more balanced day are:

  • Wake up early
  • Do some kind of practice that brings you back to yourself, meditation, yoga, journaling.
  • Be organised but flexible. Have structure to your day but have a smile throughout it.

Where is your most contented place in the world and why?

  • My most contented place in the world is Rishikesh, India. This is because I feel that I had the biggest transformation for my personal development there. Not only this, but it is a place where I feel the priorities are the right way round. Spirituality is put first in Rishikesh. There is an understanding that there is a higher level of consciousness to be reached, and our journey is in the pursuit of such. In this place, yoga is practiced daily, there are puja ceremonies every morning and evening, alcohol and meat are prohibited and the place sleeps at 9/10pm. This lifestyle of rising early and sleeping early, putting first my spirituality and understanding how to take care of our body using the sciences of yoga and Ayurveda really resonate with me! And so this is why I feel most contented here.

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