Organic food to make you go wow!

I went from being a non-organic veggie eater to an organic veggie eater when my son was born in 2015.  Having a child to nuture made me think more about what I was consuming and why. So I starting eating more organic foods.  It began with fruit and vegetables and just grew from there.  So much so, that even my shampoo is organic now.

But like most of us I am conscious of the price of organic produce and so I'm always looking for ingenious ways of cooking with them to make them last longer!

In comes in my favourite organic cookery blog - The Organic Cookery

Patricia Bloj The Organic Cookery

Patricia is an organic food hero, she champions using organic produce without breaking the bank.  She gives great tips on what to buy and how to use it in tasty and really healthy balanced dishes.

Her recipes are interesting and exciting and not to mention her photos are beautiful.

She really helpfully categorises dishes into meal times with variety under each section.  We all love looking at food pictures, so here are our favourite foods pics from Patricia.

squash and turmeric pancakes



So check out her blog and you too might find some inspiration!

BTW - if you like her blog, then nominate her for the best Organic Food Blog award with BOOM Awards 2017.  We just did!



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